About Guangzhou

Guangzhou is located in the center of Guangdong province. She is not only the capital of Guangzhou, but also the central city with strong attraction and influence in South China. Guangzhou covers an area of 7434.4 km^2 and has a total population of some 10000000. Affected by the subtropical marine monsoon climate, Guangzhou is green and has flowers all the year around, and is known as “the Flower City”. Guangzhou is one of the first 24 national historic cultural cities of China. She has a history of over 2200 years, and is the cradle of the south Five Ridge Culture.
Guangzhou was known as one of the starts of the ancient Marine Silk Road of China and one of the sources of modern China revolution. Now she has become the frontline of the reform and opening-up of China. She has been making brilliant achievements in developing economy and improving urban aspects. Guangzhou, one of the important ports of foreign trade and financial centers, has become the focus of foreign investment. She is also an important hub of sea, land, and air transportation. Several expressways radiate from here. Guangzhou Port, Guangzhou Railway Station and Baiyun International Airport are always busy.
Guangzhou is the paradise of sightseeing, dining and shopping. There are many beautiful and attractive scenic spots; such as Chen Clan Temple, Baomo Garden, Guangxiao Temple, Zhehai Tower, Original Site of Huangpu Military Academy, the White Cloud Mountain, Xiangjiang Safari Park, Sunflower Gardens, Guangzhou Olympic Sports Center, Nightscape along the Pearl River, and Metro, etc. You can have authentic Cantonese food and many kinds of foreign food everywhere. You can also buy inexpensive but elegant goods, Guangzhou, the wonderful and ardent city, is holding out her friendly hands. Welcome to Guangzhou!
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