INDIN is a flagship conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society providing a forum for presentation and discussion of the state-of-the-art and future perspectives of industrial information technologies. This is the 18th edition of the conference, with most recent previous editions hosted as follows: Beijing, China (2012); Bochum, Germany (2013); Porto-Alegre, Brazil (2014); Cambridge, UK (2015); Poitiers, France (2016); Emden, Germany (2017); Porto, Portugal (2018); and Helsinki-Espoo, Finland (2019). INDIN 2020 will provide fast track opportunity for publishing in prestigious IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics.

Technical Tracks
  • -  Industrial Cyber-physical Systems and Industrial Agents
  • -  Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Applications
  • -  Safety and Security in Industrial Applications
  • -  System and Software Engineering, Runtime Intelligence
  • -  Robotics and Mechatronics in Industrial Applications
  • -  Distributed and Networked Control and Automation Systems
  • -  Industrial Digitalization, Digital Twins in Industrial Applications
  • -  Human, Computer and Machine Interaction
  • -  Real-time, Networked Embedded Computing and Internet of Things
  • -  Factory Automation and Communication Systems
  • -  Technologies and Infrastructures for Smart Grids, Buildings, and Cities
  • -  Education in Engineering and Industrial Informatics
  • -  Industrial Informatics Tools
  • -  Technologies and Applications for Smart City
  • -  Intelligent Finance
  • -  Technologies for 5G Wireless Communication

Important Dates
Deadline for submission of special sessions proposals January 18, 2020
Deadline for submission of tutorials proposals February 03, 2020
Deadline for submission of papers (regular, special sessions) March 07, 2020
Notification of acceptance April 18, 2020
Deadline for submission of final manuscripts
May 09, 2020
  • DAYS


July 12-15, 2020

Online Registration Deadline

July 6, 2020

On-site Registration Dates

July 12-15, 2020

Honorary Chairs 
Toshio Fukuda (Japan)
Shaozhi Deng (China)
Yuanqing Li (China) 
Ren Luo (Taiwan, China)
Terry Martin (USA)
Shengyuan Xu (China)
Xiangmin Xu (China) 
General Co-Chairs
Quan Xue (China)
Moyuen Chow (USA)
Kim F Man (Hong Kong, China)
Juan J. Rodriguez-Andina (Spain)
Daoyi Su (China)
Xinghuo Yu (Australia)
Technical Program Co-Chairs 
Wenquan Che (China)
Luis Gomes (Portugal)
Gerhard P. Hancke (South Africa)
Bin Li (China) 
Antonio Lugue (Spain)
Xiuyin Zhang (China) 
Special Sessions Co-Chairs
Lucia Lo Bello (Italy)
Chun H Chen (USA)
Armando W Colombo (Germany)
Wenjie Feng (China)
Zhiwei Gao (UK)
Leon Shu Lei (China)
Thilo Sauter (Austria)
Yinghuan Shi (China)
Valeriy Vyatkin (Finland) 
Tutorials Co-Chairs 
Zhibo Pang (Sweden)
Thomas Strasser (Austria)
Industry Forum Co-Chairs 
Allen Chen (USA)
Michael Condry (USA) 
Victor Huang (USA)
Haidong Chen (China)
Guangfeng Zeng (China)
Xiangjun Qin (China)
Finance Co-Chairs 
Peter Palensky (Netherlands)
Wanchen Yang (China)
Publication Co-Chairs
Aleksander Malinowski(USA)
Andres A. Nogueiras Melendez (Spain)
Shaowei Liao (China)
Haoshen Zhu (China)
Publicity Co-Chairs 
Yousef Ibrahim (Australia) 
Kim Fung Tsang (Hong Kong, China) 
Shaolin Zhou (China)
Shaoyong Zheng (China)
Local Organization Committee  
Linping Feng (China)
Kun Tang (China) 
Nan Wang (China)
Wenhai Zhang (China)