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SS13- Vibration Suppression Control for Underactuated Systems

2020/1/16 16:52:23

Special Session Organized by

Le Anh Tuan, Vietnam Maritime University, Vietnam; Huimin Ouyang, Nanjing Tech University, China;

During the recent decades, a great deal of attention has been attracted to advanced control system design for uncertain and complex industrial systems, such as robots, machine tools, motors, cranes and wind turbines, due to many kinds of requirement for capability of the control on the improvement of the control performance, the costs performance and safety of the control system. With this in mind, several novel and advanced ideas in control methodology including adaptive, robust, sliding mode, optimal and cross feedback controls have been proposed and tried to apply to the practical systems.
The aim of this session is to present the new research ideas and results on advanced controls which deal with control problems for uncertain and/or complex controlled systems. The results on theory and applications of advanced control methods will be shown in order to demonstrate the applicability and efficiency of the proposed advanced control strategies. Moreover, future research interests in advanced controls including adaptive type control strategy will be promoted through discussions among the attendants of this session.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

  • Advanced control of underactuated systems;
  • Sensorless control in motion control and power electronic systems;
  • Applications of advanced control for mechatronics

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