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SS17- Intelligent Information Technology and the Applications on Autonomous Marine Systems

2020/1/18 23:15:01

Special Session Organized by

Zhiyu Zhu, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, China; Gino J. Lim, University of Houston, USA; Yulong Wang, Shanghai University, China; Hao Shen, Anhui University of Technology, China; Yufeng Lin, Central Queensland University, Australia; Xiaofei Yang, Jiangsu University of science and technology, China; Jian Shi, University of Houston, USA;

The development of autonomous marine systems has continued at a very significant pace over the last few years, such as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), moored and drifting systems and, recently emerging, autonomous vessels. It is an element of the development of robotics and artificial intelligence systems. Just as intelligent information technology in other applications, it is expected that autonomous marine systems can improve safety, increase efficiency, and relieve humans from unsafe and repetitive tasks. Autonomous marine systems have a very broad development prospect, which may have entirely automated, or even autonomous, processes that operate without human intervention, and is seen as a further evolution of already existing subsystems of shipping industry. Now, it is becoming more important to apply such intelligent information technology to autonomous marine systems. But, there are so many issues need to be discussed.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

  • Design and analysis of autonomous marine systems
  • Motion control technology of autonomous marine systems
  • Sensing, navigation and control of autonomous marine systems
  • Formation cooperative control of autonomous marine systems
  • Artificial intelligent appliance on trajectory tracking and collision avoidance
  • Dynamic positioning and position mooring system of autonomous marine systems
  • 5G communication and other data transmission & processing technologies
  • Launch and recovery equipment of autonomous marine systems
  • Monitoring and fault diagnostic system of autonomous marine systems
  • Other related technologies for autonomous marine systems

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Deadline for submission of papers: March 07, 2020
Notification of acceptance of papers: April 18, 2020
Final manuscripts due: May 09, 2020

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